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Business and Team Building ~ It all begins with SELF.  

How do we begin to build enthusiasm or make positive changes within a company?

Well, it is not out of the realm of thought that change begins within ourselves. What if you empowered your employees to succeed with positive mindsets and practices that benefit them shifting their energy in fantastic ways.  This leads to greater self-esteem, cooperation, and tapped in solutions.  They will learn tools around being more present and aware, and not allowing the high's and the low's of the day to impact them.  I have achieved milestones and successes in my career by being tapped into my authentic self, being love, managing my energy and being clear in my intentions while aligning with my goals.  By learning tools that help you to relax, stay calm, and not feed the chaos....we are more effective.  Not exactly typical corporate ways, but energy is becoming more acknowledged in the mainstream.

So many of us are affected by the corporate culture that has not been set intentionally.  We all can relate to environments or even one person where you have felt a negative vibe.  It can affect the attitude of everyone within that environment.  I am sure you can identify with the positive vibe you feel in organizations when you enter a room or meeting.   Or perhaps a particular person comes to mind when I ask who can you think of who inspires you in with their enthusiasm?  

A person who is happy and living their best version of themselves pours that high vibration into their work and personal life with enthusiasm.  Making better decisions and attracting from that aligned space. Think about how beautifully that could affect your organization by empowering your employees as individuals and creating a better whole for your team.


What is the Wish?  

The Wish is an exciting new energy game designed to help turn your personal or professional wishes into reality.  It is actually a very fun and easy game to play, played just like an ordinary board game.  Players choose one wish they would like in their life now. (representing their happiest state.)  

The game is designed to shift a person's blocks in the form of negative thoughts or beliefs that stops them from living their most empowering life. Habitual patterns of behavior and thinking limit a person's perception of their reality.  The game works to break the nexus between a person's default brain patterning response and their emotional memory so they can quickly and easily develop new neural pathways.  In effect they will learn how to turn on new parts of the brain accessing greater innovative thinking and learning, providing them with more positive emotional responses to situations.   


The Wish operates at a personal 1-on-1 coaching session or in groups.  Also, it can be played around an individual wish or team wishes. Suggestions would be Executive strategy meetings, a desired corporate culture,  departmentalized goals, sales goals, company conference entertainment to name a few ideas.







Learn how to really work with what is the best answer in any given moment professionally.  Yes professionally!   Do you feel may be stuck in an area, or feel you could make better decisions?  Donna has proven herself not only as a spiritual teacher, an accomplished artist but also works as a professional executive in a corporation Managing Brand Education training a team of talented educators, dealing daily with top professionals in the beauty industry, presidents, business consultants, and top executives.   Donna consulted to help with negotiations and business deals with top accounts in her area of expertise.

Learn how key changes in your thinking and awareness when navigating business, life, and relationships will quickly change outcomes for the better. Are you open to trying something new for better results?  Let Donna work with your group or individually for greater success and fulfillment!



Donna customizes speaking events for businesses or organizations.  Give Donna a call or email to begin a conversation around your needs and desires around for your organization.  Donna is known for her amazing impact worldwide professionally.  

















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