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Reiki Energy Healing - in person or zoom

The Power Package - Reiki, Intuitive Insight, Coaching, Chakra balancing.  in person or zoom
60 minutes - $100                  
You will sense the deep levels of healing as you are receiving the highest divine energy.  It may present as peacefulness, warmth, coldness, or many of my clients receive their own messages, have their own visions or see the energy color.   
Donna works intuitively with Source/God/Spirit/Angels who guides Donna where to clear and healing what is blocking your highest flow of receiving your divine flow.  And what needs extra love and light.    You will feel restored, lighter, while Donna observes the messages that are revealed to her during your session.  The messages will be shared at the end of your session if you are open to hearing.   Otherwise just enjoy your peace!  Chakra balancing is included with this hour session.  

**May include if guided or requested a card reading tuning forks to clear and reset.

Energetic Self Care ~ Tune Up Package   
30 minutes -   $75   in person or zoom
For regular clients who from time to time just want to a tune-up to higher vibes.  Clearing away our stresses, worries, let go, and realign with Divine energy.  

***Just as it is important to maintain your car, change the oil so it doesn't clog the system, keeping your car running optimally....... your energy also benefits from maintaining your energy vibration in a  higher frequency clearing of lower vibrations that inhibit your flow.  Relax for a bit and receive love frequency and calm, keeping your frequency clear and higher vibration.   Energy work helps you on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. 

Maintenance for your soul is the supreme self-care ritual.   The benefits are.....You feel better, think more clearly, hear intuition better, and are aligned with peace, love and light.  

60 minutes - $130   in person or Zoom
This unique healing modality shifts you quickly to lighter and freer feeling and state of being.  Your energetic field, and your body shift vibrationally into a more harmonic state.  Encouraging healing in the body, mind and emotions.   
We all have an electrical current that runs though our bodies and the magnetic field that surrounds the body.  Sound Therapy works directly with this system, helping to clear conscious and subconscious memories. 
We can directly feel when our energies are off, or we pick up someone else's energy throughout our day.   Have you ever gotten angry for no reason? You may have had been around someone whose mood attached to your energy and it stayed in your field.  Also we have years of stored traumas in the body. Even generational traumas.   This process truly is a profound  experience how much lighter you feel afterwards.   I have incorporated Tuning forks into my reiki sessions at the request regulars, they love the effect of the tuning forks!
I am intuitively directed where to go in your energy field, even via zoom.  I can sense the issue around what is being cleared.  My years of working with the spiritual anatomy creates a blueprint to healing.   I work with unique healing tools created for this vibrational healing.   My one Tuning fork cuts through gunky energy and reaches places you may not even be aware existed.   I finish the session with the higher vibrational tuning fork to comb and smooth through your energy field with an uplifting and loving quality. 
Oracle/tarot card Reading & Spiritual Coaching

     60 minutes - $130
      45 minutes - $90

      30 minutes - $75

You will access deeper insight into what is happening around a situation, and what energy is influencing things, the people surround your situation.  We unlock higher guidance and wisdom, practices to help you into the area you are inquiring.  

I use many decks and layer the story unfolding with the energy you hold.  You have the power to change the story.  Aligning with Source, Angels and Arch Angels, love energy, and going within are always the best answers.  But sometimes we you  can't hear your inner voice when you are in fear or worry.  My readings bring enlightenment and the higher insight of looking at the situation.

How does reiki work?
Ki (also known as "chi" or universal life force energy).   This energy flows through our body, our energy field, or aura.  Well-being is our natural state and healthy ki is felt in our body, soul, and emotions.

An unhealthy state of energy is caused by life traumas, negative thoughts, feelings, and energy, which can get stuck in our energetic field, in our chakras, our cells, which slows our energetic flow and we become sluggish in our energy.   You will notice you may feel off in your energy, you may experience illness or injury, pains.   Or in our emotions or moods, we can't shake, feeling powerless, or feeling unexplainably stuck.  

Reiki is an Ancient Tibetan Healing modality that clears and restores this energy, balances your chakras to a healthy spin and flow in your energetic body.   Which in turn affects your overall health & wellness, as well as relationships, personal and professional success, financial wellbeing, and overall happiness. 
My methods used are based on my Usui Method of Reiki, which I am a direct descendant of Dr. Mikao Usui in my lineage of trainers.   One day while performing reiki treatments on my clients, I began to receive different tools by spirit than I was taught in books, or by my teachers, or learned traditional reiki.   I continue to be instructed by spirit with powerful methods that work effectively on my clients.   I use sacred geometry that was downloaded to me by angels, intuition, and visualization during the session as to what energy needs to go and command the energy to release from you.  Calling in angels to assist me.  

** Coaching, card pulls and follow-up practices, affirmations are included in the hour session




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