Vibrational Fitness Program ~ (Taking the enlightened path to creating your best life)
 - $500 for Monthly Coaching                                                     *limited spaces monthly

Everything is Vibrational Energy.   By learning awareness around where we are in our beliefs, our thoughts and emotions....we are empowered to see the disconnect to where we wish to be.  Well that is a simple fix but it takes practice, it takes wisdom and having an experienced coach makes us accountable.  Sometimes you may have tried this discipline of positive mantras,  affirmations but we get out of the habit.  Maybe there is a missing component.  With this course you change our vibe, your thoughts, you check in with our authentic self and shift throughout the day around our beliefs, words and align our actions. With new practices, we become aligned with higher vibes. This is a Coaching program that supports you in making positive uplifting changes that you can not help but see show up in beautiful ways.  Learn how to create healthy new habits and practices that feel better, witness more frequent manifestations, signs and synchronicities.  Navigate your day with greater awareness, learning to understand what obstacles could be telling you.  Establishing a new relationship with energy and empowering your vibe! Which makes you a magnet for so much good.

Have you ever wondered why things come so easily and some things just seem to stay just out of your reach?  What's happening with delays, it can be so frustrating.  Looking at what has been showing up in your life, and where it is out of alignment with your desires.  I will teach you how to shift to create and align with what you would like to attract and how to let go of what's not working.   You will become an observer and your own life and be amazed by how you recognizing signs and the Universal Language.

You will work with Donna one on one doing exercises weekly, practicing putting the tools into action right away.  By staying in touch with a mid-week check-in you will receive the support to keep you on track.    Our thoughts and our energy are emitting like a signal being broadcast out to the Universe ~ which comes back as our life experiences.  What's been happening in your life?  Do you feel stuck in some ways?  How do you change what you are broadcasting in your vibration?

Donna will support you and teach you to understand the wisdom she has come to know.   She has served as a conduit for change for so many clients.  Possibilities that await you!  

4 Weeks of Coaching include:

-1 60 - minute call or online meeting each week.  

-1x time weekly check-in  30 minutes each to support your questions in what is showing up for you providing insight and guidance.

Readings, Reiki Healing and Spiritual Coaching  ~ $130/hour     $75/ half-hour



We all feel out of sorts, confused, stuck, in our emotions, we have questions about what is really happening?  Feel like you need deeper insight?  How do we proceed?   Donna may use one or many of her Divination Cards to get insight to open into more messages.  Or may feel drawn to do an angel writing for you.  Donna is gifted in getting to the why and gives insight as to how to bring the highest and best for you and all involved.   

You may come for reading but spirit may guide Donna to work with clearing your energy,  leaving you feeling lighter, empowered,  gaining clarity and peaceful.   All services however spirit guides Donna is included in your designated time!

Reiki/Healing - Energy Clearing - Chakra Balancing  

Reiki is an ancient Tibetian healing art.  Donna is a Dr. Usui Certified Reiki Master.  Through her experience and divine prompting, Donna intuitively listens to what spirit guides her to do to help her clients, receives accurate insight and messages and sometimes may feel to finish with a brief card reading for insight.  More than just Reiki her energy work has evolved by spirit's teaching her in her sessions more than she was ever taught in classes.   An experience that is very powerful and impactful.  

In person or at a distance, this beautiful Universal Life Force Energy or Chi knows exactly where to go and what you need.  Donna receives amazingly accurate messages during your treatment as well as healing energy from the Divine.  This is truly more than just Reiki.  It is delving into the invisible for insight and help as for improved flow and health, aligned for greater peace.  You are provided insights to help you on your journey to wellness and aligning with LOVE and your highest path. 

Wish Game - One on One Coaching

$130/hour    $ 75 half-hour

The wish is an energetic board game that helps put you in alignment with your greatest wish!  Played at the Deepak Chopra center and around the world helping ten's of thousands receive insight to blocks and patterns of thought that aren't serving you.  In turn learning more positive thoughts and ideas around your wish.  Donna is one of 20 chosen International Wish Teachers because of her wisdom and understanding of the universes working and the wisdom of the game.   She will help you in a fun way hear what the universe is saying to you to help support you.  Such a quick and effective way to shift and align with your dreams.  Donna has helped so many fulfill their wishes through playing the wish! 



Contact Donna for inquiries or an appointment by texting or calling 610-823-7771.