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Speaking Events and Topics

Donna brings a powerful message that is much desired and needed today.   The concept of energy, along with learning to use the power of the mind is becoming more utilized in business, healthcare and more.   Mindfulness, meditation, visualization has a profound impact on corporate culture, employees wellbeing and job satisfaction and interactions.

Donna has spoken to a Fortune 500 Company and played the Wish at an Executive Strategy Meeting to help with goal setting.  Donna has followed up after events coaching Entreprenuers through the uncertain times and are now creating generational wealth, high ranking Government officials around practices to direct their energy to ensure best outcomes.  

 Donna also has also spoken in Hospitals, the Real Estate Industry, and Retail Corporate Events, and Book Stores



Can there really be a deeper meaning behind everyday pain, discomfort,  an injury or illness?  Learn how your body communicates in ways that love, serve and support your best life.  Our body is one of the best tools to understand the communication and higher wisdom of the Universe pertaining to our own needs, guidance and what needs healing.

Learn through various exercises that we implement together throughout the speech.  

**Great topic for a school, wellness groups, hospitals and more.

Pictured is from Virtua Health and Wellness Connection of South Jersey


Discover how you hold the key to your experiences in practical understandable examples, in ways that you are most likely already experiencing.   Learn how to observe what is showing up in your life is a measure of what you have been thinking.  And how shifting the focus with new practices aligns you with a life that is enjoyable, flows to you, and begin to live a life of joy, more successes by being in alignment with the Universe.  Simple positive shifts and practices are magnetic with the power of your focus, beliefs, thoughts and creating feelings and emit a vibration that attracts better.  

Exercises, tips we will learn and practice together.  

** Great topic for business, wellness centers,  bookstores, women's empowerment conferences, events. 

(right pictured discussion at Remax of Reading, and Towne Book Center and Cafe in Collegeville, PA)





BOOK SIGNINGS  and Bookclubs ~ not just in bookstores! 

Sure I do book signings where you would expect, in bookstores.   But how about at a microbrewery, or at your book clubs.  I am so excited when people reach out saying they loved my book can I please speak at their business or home.   At these events, I give a little speech around how to live a happier life, shift from stress and live more connected.  After we have a question and answer time.   The attendees get to interact with me, share perspectives and experiences.  This has been a heartwarming and treasured time to connect with my readers and inquiring enlightened minds.  At the Towne Center Book Store only one person read my book prior to my speech.   After my talk around energy and connection, the bookstore sold out of all of my books we had to offer that night.  So no worries if you haven't read my book but are curious. 

** Books are available for sale at the events with enough notice.  

(Pictures to the right from the Black Forest Brewery in Lancaster County, Barnes and Noble, and the pic below with a few of the ladies from a wonderful evening at a Philadelphia Book Club.)  

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