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While going through a difficult, stressful situation, I consulted Spiritual Advisor, Donna Criqui.  Donna was able to coach me through the source of my thoughts which were causing me a lot of pain.  She brought me back to the present moment and helped me to change my thoughts, which changed how I was experiencing my emotions.  Her help was invaluable to me and allowed me to let go and trust in the process.  Everything worked out, and thanks to her insightful advice, I was able to find peace in the process of allowing the universe to take care of things.  I highly recommend her excellent knowledge in spiritual advising  and trust in her many years of experience!

~  Brenda Hoffa  Fitness Director Executive   Wernersville, PA

"I am  grateful to have met Donna, she has touched my life in so many ways. As a mother of two young children and wanting to fulfill my dreams of starting my own business I turned to Donna for guidance. Feeling unsure and scattered at times is nothing new for us moms but I knew if I was serious I had to do something. Through Donna's spiritual guidance I was able to find balance. Not only did her energy work help me feel empowered but she was able to show me the techniques I would need to diffuse blocks that would come up along the way. It has been a year and I have my own business and I still use Donna's tools to this day." 

~ Susan Hoff, Owner Onsite Stylists, New Jersey

I cannot say enough about Donna and her kind and loving heart . We as people and healers need to be heard and see another perspective as we progress through our lives. Donna has the insight and is a gifted intuit, she easily pin points the blocks or problems at hand and creates a road map that will take you out of the darkness and back into the light again.  Donna utilizes Reiki and Angel guidance to enhance her work . She works well in person and even on the phone, so if you are on the fence about which Intuitive Coach to go to , do not hesitate , pick the  "Intuitive Energy Coach with Heart”, Donna Criqui!

~  Judith Toma  Executive Producer, Author,  Actress, New Jersey

On a recent trip to Houston, I came down with a bad bladder infection. I was there with the North American Wish Team and it hit me in the middle of the night. I was in agony.

In the morning Donna asked me if she could help. I had very limited experience of Reiki, and I can tell you I never actually felt any energy in sessions I had done. I was so desperate, and she had such gentle energy, that I agreed. She mentioned out loud that she wished she had citrine and rose quartz. Weeks before in a rock shop I had picked two rough rocks that I liked, purchased them and threw them still wrapped in their paper into the bottom of my purse. I hadn’t thought about them since. I had no idea what they were for. In the moment she asked I remembered the random purchase. I pulled the wrapped packages out of my purse and there they were. A rough rose quartz and a citrine. Energy started pouring through me. She just smiled and carried on as though nothing unusual had happened.

I can honestly say I have never experienced such a powerful session. I was hearing, feeling, and sensing everything she was getting. As she was moving through my body I was getting very clear messages. It was truly remarkable. And this from a skeptic. She blew me away.

Donna Criqui is the real deal. A true healer, and I am grateful to have her in my life as a gifted energy worker and true friend.

~ Dr. Kathryn Diane Sandilands   Business owner,  Coach, Global Wish Teacher,  Edmonton, Canada

“We are all stardust who are trying to make our way to the origin, the reality. Along the way we sometimes lose our direction affected by all the gravitational forces or virtual problems surrounding us like financial issues, school issues etc. then we feel we are lost until we find our guiding light in the darkness. It was one of those magic moments when I met Donna, who touched my soul with her shining light; a great person for anyone who needs spiritual guidance."

Tayfun Kapcioglu  C.O.O., Istanbul, Turkey 

“Donna is such a Beacon of Light and Love.  She has helped me tremendously on my spiritual journey.  Through her guidance and encouragement, I have learned so much and became enlightened and open to receive messages from spirit.  I continue to use the tools and guidance from Donna to manifest my dreams”

~ Patty Karr, Vendor Relations Manager, Tampa, FL

What can I say? What can’t I say is more like it! Donna Criqui. Many things come to mind when I hear her name or think about Donna. Inspiring, positive, loving, enthusiastic, compassionate, uplifting. I could go on and on. When I think about it and go back, Donna has been guiding and teaching me since May 2013. However, I knew Donna before that but this is the time I truly started to connect with her. I didn’t realize it at the time, but now, as I think about it Donna is truly a mentor and teacher to me. In my darkest moments (2013 was the start of my world starting to fall apart and now, 2017 I’m putting it back together), she has been there for me through the whole fiasco, playing a part in helping me to quiet my mind so that I could truly take the leap and change careers and find my outlet for my passions. Her own story is so inspiring and really helps me to have hope and believe when I can’t find it for myself. Her manifesting abilities are incredible. I look up to her and work to have these abilities of my own, knowing, with Donna’s compassionate and patient help and cheerleading that I too am enough and that it is possible; I can do it and have always had it within me!

Donna and I actually speak through the internet, and sometimes via telephone. Her ability to uplift/motivate and seriously move the energy is not hampered by not meeting in person. I still, without a doubt feel my energy shifting as we talk online. Her ability to just listen and then gently give a guidance, always, always nonjudgmentally is truly a gift. She allows me to speak my hurts, pains, insecurities, and “thought” failures/ errors out loud with no judgment, feeling completely safe in doing so. Hearing her guidance which is incredibly uplifting and motivational as well as listening to her powerful insights really create a beautiful space for me to help move the blocks and energy for me to move forward, to help me take the next necessary step to help quiet my mind in order to manifest, create, or simply stop tormenting and beating myself up which of course leads to being able to move forward and manifest.

I am truly thankful for meeting Donna. She is such a blessing to me and many, many others. Her positive energy is contagious. Many people speak and tell you “you have it within you and you can do it”, but not many people can say that and truly leave you feeling like you can and WILL. I always leave our talks feeling like I have it within me and I can actually do it. And I always seem to do it, much faster than the time it would have taken to do it on my own once I speak to her. Donna truly lives from a selfless and authentic space which shows in everything I have seen her do. She truly breathes life into the darkest of moments and situations in my life. I am forever grateful for having a truly heart-centered mentor and teacher. Donna, you are such an amazing, beautiful, motivational Being! From my heart to yours, I thank you for being.


Love and light,

Kathryn Ogletree

~producer, filmmaker  NYC, New York

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