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 Donna Criqui 
 Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master ~ Mind/Energy Coach    International Teacher ~ Author ~ Professional Speaker

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Donna is an incredibly inspiring Reiki Master/Healer and transformational coach.  An expert in the healing arts for over 20 years.   Donna empowers you to live your best life by teaching you how to let go of what is not working and replace that with healthy mindsets, wisdom, consciousness practices, and techniques.   Donna is gifted in finding the energetic stumbling blocks and core patterns,  that have been keeping you stuck.  You will learn either by working with Donna online or in person how to make some simple changes.  You will begin to see beautiful shifts in your world that you can feel and see quickly. Donna helps you develop an aligned relationship with the Universe that is easy to understand and discover signs that show up in your everyday life.  You begin shifting your energy with the new momentum you build with Donna's help.  You become a vibrational match to your desires!


Donna's clients are wowed by her energy healings.  She often hears from new clients that her energy work is not like any reiki they have ever experienced!   Donna is a clear channel, who tunes into spirit to guide her.  Hearing messages, she is guided very specifically how told how to remove blocks and release energy that has been keeping you stuck and feeling off. 


Donna works with Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Light Beings.  Donna and her clients are often pleasantly surprised when ancestors, passed on friends, pets often show up in the sessions.  Donna explains who was present and their symbolism and messages.  Clearing blocked Chi,  and receiving the loving Source energy restores a healthy flow in your chakras and energy field.     


Clients feel so much better after receiving and clearing energy that they leave feeling noticeably better.  Receiving such high frequency of Light and love, that they often feel so deep within their relaxed state, often seeing colors, visions, feeling they were in a Divine realm.  


Donna receives intuitive messages to assist you on your wellness journey.  Illness, pains, anxieties all begin to release in your body, your energy, and your mind.  Donna works to find the energetic cause, removes it energetically, and quickly you can shift out of pain, anxiety and towards peace and healing.   You can expect wisdom, tools, and spiritual advice for you to utilize in your daily practices.  You leave your experience with Donna feeling lighter and tapped into more and capable of creating better.



Donna is extremely gifted in manifesting and teaches others how to succeed in attracting their hopes and getting out of their own way.  Donna has manifested a free car, $8,000 in a week, a promotion and a raise, free global trips,  homes, her dream relationship, and so more! Donna is keenly in tune with understanding the invisible support we receive in the way of messages and awesome signs the universe sends us as clues around our existing beliefs and as signposts cheering us on.   Her passion is in teaching others to understand this energy aligns with better as a practice and to create your desires with no limits except where we get in our own way.

Business and Success Coaching and Speaking events

Our mind and energy 100% affect us in our success! New practices, simple but powerful habits daily will reap positive changes!  Donna has been spoken to top executives and even hosted the Wish for a Fortune 500 Executive Strategy Meeting to help them with goal setting.  She also speaks before professional groups to help provide tools toward aligning with greater success, and how to not feed the limits of our mind.  In business settings, Donna teaches how to elevate your performance in out-of-the-box ways.   Meditation lessons and positive mental/emotional practices are the foundation of better in every area, even business, relationships, and intuition.



Donna is one of 20 chosen and certified Global Wish Teachers, Author,  Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Certified Angel Practitioner & and Intuitive Reiki Master. She also works as a Leading International Teacher and Artist in the Beauty Industry.  Represented the United States on stage in Italy, She has written, headlined and produced a SOLD OUT Hair Shows in NY.  Early on in her beauty career, Donna realized people were coming to her not only for the fulfillment in their outer beauty but also coming to her for the fulfillment of their inner beauty, their spirit.  Donna set on a quest for not only herself to grow, but to learn how to help others.  Realizing in her 20's she was to help people with Beauty from the Inside ~ Out!  So much more unfolded on her path than she could ever imagine in the Beauty Industry and her Energy Expert Career,   

Options for working with Donna

Donna works with you either in a one-on-one in-person or online for a private session. Whether it's a Reading, Coaching, a Reiki Session, Playing the Wish Manifesting Game  Everything is energy, and Donna's clients meet in person, by phone, or online with the same success. 


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Donna's recently released book titled, "Heaven Help Me," earned the #1 spot in her genre on Amazon.   This best-selling book will open your mind to the power that lies within titled, "Heaven Help Me." This book was recently given the honor of the TOP 12 INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS chosen by the international group THE SPIRITED WOMAN based out of Los Angeles.  Click on the HEAVEN HELP ME cover picture to the right to see more about the messages that await you.  


Please visit the contact page to see how to contact Donna ~ Consultations are always free to see what works best for you.  If it doesn't resonate after chatting that is totally ok.  We encourage you to email, text, or call!  




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